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Applied Biosystems Sequencing Analysis, Data Collection, SeqScape®, MicroSeq® ID Software, TargetSeq™ and Variant Reporter™ Software are all powered by the KB Basecaller. The PeakTrace Basecaller works with all ABI sequencers including the ABI 377, ABI 310, ABI 3700, ABI 3730, ABI 3730xl, ABI 3100, ABI 3500, and ABI 3130. However, you may choose to reassign Ns to bases with QVs below a user- specified threshold for both pure and. 1 Frequently Asked Questions: KB™ Basecaller Software v1.

Kb basecaller software. Oct 08, · Relatively recently, the software KB™ Basecaller has replaced phred for identifying the bases from raw sequence data in DNA sequencing employing dideoxy chemistry. We have measured quantitatively the consequences of that change. Comparison of the KB and PeakTrace ( PT) basecaller. ABI basecaller – The previous- generation algorithm in Sequencing Analysis software that identifies only pure bases. † KB™ Basecaller – The latest- generation algorithm that provides accurate basecallling for pure and

KB™ Basecaller Software v1. Software is the KB™ Basecaller, a novel signal- processing technology that provides accurate basecalling and quality values ( QV) for each base and sample file. PeakTrace™ is the latest piece of software, created using newly developed algorithms which enable the PeakTrace™ basecalling software to extract more. This example shows the same trace file, but processed with the different KB and PeakTrace basecallers. PeakTrace™ DNA sequencing basecaller is software designed for the Applied BioSystems 3730 DNA analyzer which can ensure lower errors and improve the read length of DNA sequencing traces.

1 5 Optional assignment of Ns By default, the KB Basecaller does not generate Ns. This older algorithm is no longer under development and supports only older run modules. The high quality sequence segment of reads derived from the KB™ Basecaller were, on average, 30- to- 50 bases longer than reads derived from phred.

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