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Plus- circle Add Review. Wat — Destroy All Software Talks - very fun and you learn some ( destroyallsoftware. If you have an old computer on your hands, you may be looking for a way to destroy it to keep your information safe or to get it out of your house. This is the outlet for Gary' s thoughts about software development in whatever form they take. Wat — Destroy All Software or just Ruby and Javascript ( destroyallsoftware. SuperUser reader HaLaBi wants to know how he can safely destroy CDs and DVDs with personal data on them: I have old CDs/ DVDs which have some backups, these backups have some work and personal files. Be the first one to write a review. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Com) submitted 1 month ago by brownbear404 to r/ ProgrammerHumor. Com) submitted 7 years ago by bh88.

Jul 07, · How to Destroy an Old Computer. Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1. Jan 26, · Wat - Destroy All Software Lightning Talk Movies Preview.

Com) submitted 5 years ago by Grahar64 to r/ ContagiousLaughter. Com) submitted 4 years ago by phlik to r/ packProgrammingVids 2 comments. If the schedule or the format change in ways that you don' t like, don' t worry: Destroy All Software has a permissive refund policy. Destroy All Software' s " Wat" ( destroyallsoftware. You can always cancel from the website; we won' t make you send an. For a more serious take on software, try Destroy All Software Screencasts: 10 to 15 minutes every other week, dense with information on advanced topics like Unix, TDD, OO Design, Vim, Ruby, and Git.

Currently, new screencasts are being published. The way you destroy your old computer will depend on your. We destroy software wat. Wat_ destroyallsoftware Scanner.
( destroyallsoftware. A lightning talk by Gary Bernhardt from CodeMash The sarcasm in this talk does not represent anyone' s actual opinion. Oct 24, · The Question.

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